Ever had that one relationship that really screwed you up?

How long ago was it and what happened?

I'm asking because a year ago my ex and I were on the verge of getting back together (or at least I thought we were...) and then he turned around and dated someone else. I was really depressed about it for a really long time, especially since we were best friends before that and then stopped talking completely. I thought I was fine but I met someone new, and I'm still having a hard time trusting him even though it's been a few months now...

How did you handle it? Are you still trying to get over it?

(Guys can answer, too.)


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  • Mine was a girl that I was crazy over, was seeing another guy on the side and left me for him. I was in college, poor, and I didn’t work out or eat well. This guy never went to college, but had a decent job and he was in great shape. I stayed at home got chubby eating potatoe chips, and only worked part time. This guy was busting his butt trying to make himself a better person.

    In a lot of ways, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t blame her for leaving me… I wasn’t that great of a guy. Sure I was nice, but lots of guys are nice. If you want to be with someone who is amazing, you have to be amazing too. I finished school, got a good job, starting eating well, and now have a slammin’ body.

    So, to answer your question, I got over it by first realizing I had fault/weakness that were of my own doing and then improving them.

    • That's true. Glad to see you've grown from it. I just hope I can do the same. =/

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  • My ex-girlfriend dumpt me for another guy couldn't eat sleep for days I was so angry I wanted to go beat up her new boyfriend I knew it wouldn't solve anything still hurts me today I see other couples togather I remember the first time we meet

    • Wow. I'm sorry. How long has it been? What have you done to get over her?

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  • I just ended it. He used to make me pay for EVERYTHING and would claim he had no money ever, but somehow always managed to fork out hundreds for new tattoos, so in the time we were together, I would say I wasted about $4000 or more on the relationship and presents for him, and he bought me nothing. He used to call me a slut and a dog all the time if I dressed nicely, or even looked at someone else, he never complimented me, and would just point out my flaws so I have extremely low self esteem at the moment. I once told him that my self esteem was non existent and that I'd appreciate it of he didn't make comments about other girls cause it made me feel worse, so the whole next day every girl he saw, and I mean ever single one, he would say how hot she was, or how she was perfect, just cause he knew it affected me. In the end he started to get physical, like he'd put me in really tight head locks, he'd push me over and he'd get drunk and walk around with knives and he even once cut something of mine. He cheated on me, with a girl who told him she might have HIV yet he still didn't use protection, then had unprotected sex with me after and didn't tell me. I feel like such sh*t atm cause of him and it sucks because he feels no remorse at all, he will just move onto the next girl after he f***ed up my whole life. I hope Karma makes his diseased d*** fall off.

    • Yes, I have. You will find someone better. The first breakup is ALWAYs the hardest

    • Wow that's crazy! Kudos to you for walking away. No girl deserves to be degraded like that. Please stay strong! And I hope you got tested and everything comes out negative. I hope karma shows him no mercy.

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