Should I call my ex boyfriend at his birthday?

My ex and me broke up a few days ago. It was pretty hard for me because I love him very much. But he said that he sees me just as a good friend. He said that we could stay friends. I said that I like him too much to bear such an friendship.

On Monday is his birthday and I don't know if I should write/call him or not...


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  • don't do anything otherwise you contradict yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • You guys broke up and honestly I wouldn't say anything to him. He broke up with you and if you tell him happy birthday you may not get the response you want from him causing yourself some more heart ache. And I hope you will hold off on being friends with him. You said you couldn't bear to so I hope that's true. Being frineds with an ex is very hard. You have to be emotionally strong and prepared to see him moving forward. And also being friends with an ex could lead to the infamous game of getting back together and breaking up and doing it all over again. Hang in there and be strong! You want to wait for the guy who treats you like a queen and not dwell over a guy who thinks your just his friend. Good luck hunni <3


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