How long should I give him to reply?

So my ex boyfriend and I split up 3 nights ago. It was his choice and he was quite adamant about it.

However... We were talking a lot last night and a bit today. He admitted when he said he didn’t love me the other day, he didn’t mean it.

So after consideration, because I do love him, I text him at 1600 asking if he wanted to give this one more go?

Its now almost 1800. I know he is out drinking with his pals, but even when doing that, he regularly checks his phone and usually texts. I’m pretty sure he has seen my message.

So how long do i give him before either texting again or accepting the answer is no?
1 y
So I asked him and at the same time sent a really nice pic of myself saying - how cute am I?

He has replied but only to say I am cute indeed and what pub he is in. Wtf?
How long should I give him to reply?
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