Do male dumpee's reach out after awkward failed attempts?

I broke up with my ex during our vacation - not because I wanted to but because I needed to.

He was a major asshole for the first week of my vacation in his country (Asia).
I eventually broke up and moved to another accommodation for the rest of my 3 week stay.

He did message me a few times, trying to establish contact.
I responded 2 days before leaving the country. He asked me to come over so we can actually talk about the relationship.
I did.
But all he did was telling me drunk as fuck how he got so disappointed that I became fat since the last time he has seen me in my country (I am not fat for the record. Just chubby for an Asian guys standard, probably) so maybe that's why he was mean and cold. But that he didn't expect me to break up over something like that.

He did message me a few times and asked me to tell him once I'm back home so he doesn't need to worry. I didn't have a connection. During my transfer in China I got more messages where he was blaming me for breaking up. I asked him what he wants.
He called me. But he was drunk as fuck again. I asked who he drank with and his response was "With super hot chick!" I hung up and cancelled his second attempt at calling me.

Since then almost a week is gone and he hasn't contacted me again. I was actually hoping he'd apologize and we could start new but I don''t know...
Do male dumpee's reach out after awkward failed attempts?
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