How do you know if you have finally let go of someone?

People always tell you to let go of someone you love. And you can try to. But how do you know if you've finally let go of him/her? Years can go by and if you happen to see the person, feelings could rise again. So how do you know for sure if you have let go?


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  • When you have forgiven that person and yourself. Much like when you were younger and your parnets tell you, you can't do something. You tend to be upset and hold that against them. Well some people learn to let go and forgive their parents over time. But we eventually forgive them. If we don't, we end up hurting ourselves, emotionally. This can go on for years until you can find it in your heart to let go and forgive. We all get hurt but we can only take responsiblity of our own actions. Moving on and letting go has to come from you and no one else.


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  • If you really loved the person, I don't think you could ever let go 100%. It's even harder if you were the one that was dumped.

    I think a good sign of letting go is when you can think of a good memory you had with that person and just be like "hey, those were good times", without hurting. Hell, even a thought about the person and just being neutral about it. If you still feel the sadness or pain, yeah, you haven't let go completely. It's really hard to do that.


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