Heyyy. My girlfriend and I never have time to spend with each she's always busy... Help?

Ok I love my girlfriend. I helped her get over her ex. She cheated on him cause he was an asshole I hated him, we've been on and off since may but sep 7 is wen we started dating we fought once. I just want to be able to spend my time with her.. I haven't spent a weekend with her for bout 4 weeks. She is 15 I'm 16. She loves me. I just want to spend time with her some one help? Please. Like this weekend was our highschools play and she was on makeup crew an I was supose to introduce her to my grandparents.. Tomorrow is the second showing of the play. I'm going to it to spend time with her but I want to spend more time with herthe just a school day and a play. I spent the day with her bout 2 months ago I loved that. And I sometimes am sexual with her and she has promised hers to me and I promised mine to her we jut haven't had sex yet. When ever I'm horny I text her and be sexy but she tells memto be good and I've been good for bout 5 weeks now. I'm feeling lonely that like I'm not allowed to be sexual with her is that ok? Pleasseeeee get back to me guys and girls! Thank you!


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  • first if your horny jack off second if she likes "loves u" she would spend time with you duh my opinion is tht she might be cheating on you or losing intrest in you ; ]


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