I feel like I was left stranded...what do you think?

I dated Joe during my whjole junior year in high school and he was a senior. We both knew it wasn't going to last because he was going to go to college and we both do not believe in long distance relationships.

It was a weird relationship because we always knew we were gonna say our "goodbyes" in August..in fact he didn't even want to call it a breakup so things wouldn't be weird with us.

He has been in college for 3 months and we do not talk anymore whatsoever and it really hurts my feelings. I know he is in college and is having a ball and moved on but I think it would be nice if while we are both online on FB he would chat me just to see how I am.

I feel like I was just someone to make his senior year fun and now I am a complete figment of the past but he was a good boyfriend and didn't use me...I just feel stranded now

He is coming back for Thanksgiving break for 4 days and I'm not even going to message him because I feel like I am an annoying ex girlfriend but when hecomes back in Dec for 3 weeks I'll probably chat him up...

I just feel alone...

What do you guys think?


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  • YEA , ummmm this is common for some people to find a boyfriend or girlfriend their senior year so they don't feel alone and to make it fun. Its kinda your fault for getting involve with someone when you knew it wasn't going to last. If you do feel like your and annoying ex girlfriend then stop doing what ever your doing so you don't feel that way. Let him hit you up and if doesn't that's a sign and since his coming back for the holidays don't try to chill and hangout because your feelings are going to rush back up and you will be hurting herself more then he is hurting you. His over you and is prb having lots of fun in college ...College is a totally different ball game.

    Just get over him...i know it want be easy but you need to seriously for get him. its the best thing you could do. Its your turn to enjoy your senior year get a new boyfriend or just make the best of it with the people who has always cared about you.


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