Still hung over an ex after a year?

It’s been a year and 3 months since I got dumped.
(5 days before Valentine’s Day last year)
Some backstory: I was hanging out with one of my close friends after school, then out of nowhere she started kissing me. One of my ex’s friend saw that and told my ex that I was the one kissing her. I tried to explain to her that I was the victim in that situation but she wouldn’t believe me. Then, basically the day of/day after, she started dating one of her close guy friends who had been trying to get at her for months. Fast forward to today, they’re still together, but he goes to a different school and this school year, my locker had to be right above my ex’s. So I see her everyday at school.

In the first few weeks after the breakup, I couldn’t stop crying for sh*t. She was my everything and I just lost her because of something so stupid. Not stupid, but you all know what I mean. I felt sh*tty and what I did after those first few weeks was that I shut myself off from my emotions. I became numb. I still am. Now all I feel is emptiness inside. There are times when I want to cry to let it all out, but it’s almost as if I physically can’t cry anymore since I can’t feel sadness in order to cry. The only thing I do feel is pain when I see her and it sucks.

I’ve had a few girlfriends since then but I’ve never felt the same or had the same passion I used to have. My feelings for them always die out a month after I start dating them. I just go back to feeling emptiness and a need to be with my ex. Although there’s this need I feel to be with her, I know that it won’t fix me. I’m too broken inside for that to work. I just don’t know what to do anymore.
Still hung over an ex after a year?
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