Haven’t spoken to my ex in months, so why is he now adding my sister on Facebook?

I tried to reach out a few weeks ago (to break NC) sending him a friend request in the hopes we could at least be civil (we go to the same uni, and will be living around the corner from each other in September).

He accepted it but deleted me a few days later (for seemingly no reason). The day after I sent him a message (acting as if I didn’t notice he’d deleted me) asking how he’s been. He read it literally as soon as it sent, but didn’t respond.

This was weeks ago, I haven’t been blocked on anything. I just took it as a sign we weren’t meant to be, not even as friends.

My sister sent him the request MONTHS ago (the day after we split, so she could ask why we broke up. I told him to just delete it) and he suddenly decided to accept it 3 days ago.

They have no mutual friends (he removed me on all social media, though has his other ex on Facebook, but they still talk). He’s never met my sister, and won’t even have his own family on Facebook, cause he’s picky about who he lets see his posts.

He’s also started updating his Facebook a lot more since adding her (changing his profile pic, updating his story, uploading photos, etc) he very rarely, if ever, used to do this, although he was always on Facebook.

The relationship was fairly short (a couple of months), he initiated the break up, but said we could be friends.

Working on the friendship/talking was going well in the days after the break up, until we ran into each other on a night out and ended up sleeping together. The day after he said we needed to give each other space (basically NC, which I’m aware should have been initiated as soon as we broke up).

Why, when he’s seemingly done everything he could to cut himself out of my life, has he decided to add my sister in Facebook, who he doesn’t know but knows I’m so close to?

I don’t think it’s a case of he accidentally accepted, as she’s liked a couple of his posts since, and therefore he’s aware that they’re friends and has chosen not to remove her.
He lives in a different country (still based in the UK) when he’s not at uni (so atm) so I don’t think he’s trying to worm his way in for hook ups with me.
She saw he liked a post along the lines of “Have you ever seen a photo of someone, remembered all the things you did together, then remembered they’re just a memory and no longer in your life?” The same day he added her. He doesn’t usually like “emotional” posts.


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  • Might have been a misclick, but Jesus Christ you are overreacting to that, guys are not as complicated as girls in this sense, we dont accept a friend request to get back at anyone and we generally dont care too much about social media. Shot in the dark but maybe he is friends with your sister?

    • I know I’m silly for analysing it so much (but that’s how girls are), it’s just weird after not hearing anything for weeks.

      If it was a misclick why not just delete her? He won’t even have his own family on Facebook, and he was able to go through his friends list and delete me.

      He’s only spoken to her once straight after we broke up (months ago). They’ve never met.

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    • Yea i dont know then, we are probably different types of guys so i cannot speak for him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • At least you tried ☺️

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  • Maybe it’s a way to get to you or annoy you why don’t you ask your sister to message him and just ask how he is?

    • Why would he suddenly want to try and annoy me now though, we haven’t spoken in months.

      If I told her to do that she’d just tell me to get over it 😅

    • Guys are weird haha and if it’s really bugging you she should do it just so you know either that or just completely forget about him

    • Thank you!

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What Guys Said 4

  • Sorry, but I don't know. It could be what Princekols has said. It could be what Xecon has said. Or he could be into your sister, as an anonymous user has said. I think you either need to ask them directly or just try and ignore the situation.

    • I’ve decided to just ignore it (last time I messaged him I just got ignored), I’ve blocked him on social media so that he can’t see any posts she tags me in, were that the reason he added her in the first place.

  • It could be that he still has feelings for you but he just dnt want to admit and he added your sister cos he believe she would show you his update so as to impress you or something

  • I think its pretty obvious he wants to screw her but what do you care?

    • Well obviously I care; she’s 17, my sister, and he was my first love. He’s never even met her.

      I would also like to think he’s have some respect for me.

  • I need a tl;dr

    • Sorry, what does that mean?

    • Ah I get you now I’ll add one

    • Tl;dr

      Ex who I haven’t spoken up in months, added my 17 year old sister on Facebook when he usually doesn’t add just anyone (won’t even add his own family) he doesn’t know her but knows she’s my sister. Has started updating his profile heavily since.

What Girls Said 2

  • U need to block him and move on and tell your sister to block him too

    • I was moving on until he decided to add her 😂 I tried but she told me to piss off

    • I’ve blocked him. Doubt he’d of tried to contact me anyway but it gives me a bit more power in the situation

  • Maybe he is into her

    • I seriously hope not, she’s 17 😂 I would hope he wouldn’t stoop that low, cause he knows how close we are.

      Plus he’s never even met her.

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