Ex got in touch after letter, but talked about everything but the letter, what do I do?

Story: Dated 3 months, broke up because went too fast, I did not know about the pace issue until night of break-up. Things were awesome during first two months, very awkward during third, she would not tell me what the real problem was back then. I sent a long letter which I showed to several friends (female) and they said it was very touching.

Ex responded 3 days after mail was sent as she went to a wedding event that weekend, said she read it multiple times and will get in touch with me when she has time since school is keeping her busy. Four days later she randomly msgs me on facebook chat and we talk about random things. Everything but the letter.

What do I do here? I sort of made it awkward because I >did< leave the ball in her court regarding the letter as I asked her to get back to me about what she wants (a 2nd try or nothing). I don't really see myself being friends with her because I really liked her, therefore it'd be painful to hang around. I've already been gradually moving on through our weird break up period.


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  • if she read the letter multiple times, that has to be good because if she didn't like it or didn't want it or w/e she wouldn't have read it, esp. multiple times. and if she's talking to you it's good. maybe she just doesn't know what to think or how she feels, or she feels awkward bringing it up for some reason


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