Advice for Unexpected Break Up?

I've been dating this girl for over a year. We met in school, and started hanging out. We became fast friends, and started dating a few months later. I was working at Home Depot, and living with my parents. I felt like I've met "the one", and wanted a better living. I found an interest in welding, and was able to get a job at a shipyard.

However, I had to move two hours away. We picked an apartment together, even the furniture as well. She didn't want to move in until after her schooling. Due to my schedule being opposite to hers, our relationship became strained, however I came to visit her every weekend. I always left a voice message after work saying goodnight, and that I loved her. After a while she seemed to be distant. Two weeks ago she broke it off, and said she needs a break, that there's too much going on. She said that she's going for another degree, and that she just got promoted at her current job.

Also, she's going to be working as a nurse assistant during the night. Basically leaving no room for a relationship. She said that since we hardly see each other, and she wanted more than just the weekends, that it was becoming stressful. It seemed like she was making excuses as to why it wouldn't work between us. So I hung up, and started to delete our photos together, even blocked her on Facebook for a few days until I could grasp what happened. I went no contact for a week, and snooped on her Facebook like an idiot. Found a photo of a truck I didn't recognize, and someone commented about whose truck it was, and she responded that it was her new boyfriend's. So I wrote her, and she replied that it was a joke, and that she didn't mean to upset me. Obviously she blocked me afterwards. Now, I resumed no contact, and just looking for advice on what to do next. Anything else I need to clarify, just ask.
Advice for Unexpected Break Up?
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