Need some advice? Am I crazy?

Me and my ex has been talking and it seems really good we hung out talked about taking it tot the next step.
But sometime we have a conversation and he wouldn’t reply he did it couple times. Which I kind got mad but he will message again but the conversation is like the same thing. So I told him that I don’t know I feel like u don’t want to conversation with me and that I’m ready to be together but if he’s not ready it’s okay but I wasn’t going to wait either. I seen him on Facebook by the way. But he sent me a happy birthday the next day which it was my birthday. Then he will like my pics and stuff but not talk to me it’s been like 1 week or two. I messaged him but Then a hour later I realized why talk to him he hasn’t try talk to me after that so I send the message I’m sure he seen it. You think he’s hidin something or am I just over thinking too mich
Need some advice? Am I crazy?
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