Guys, What would make you end it with your girlfriend?

Say you've been with the same girl for over a year now.

What would cause you to break up with her?

((what would automatically end that relationship, even though its been a long one))


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  • Relationships end for a lot of reasons, here are some common ones:

    1. You realize the other person doesn't satisfy you physically or emotionally as they used to, or perhaps never have

    2. You found someone else

    3. You are relocating

    4. You feel the person has changed since you are started going out with them, or you have changed

    5. Your friends or family got to one of you

    6. There had been fighting going on for a while, and eventually it was just too much

    7. Someone was either caught cheating or suspects the other person of cheating

    There are more of course, but this is a good start.

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    - Evan


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  • my main reasons for breaking up with someone I was with for a year or so would of course if she cheated on me. also if she was bitchy or annoying. that would do it.

  • Even if a girl cheated on me,if I really loved her I would try to forgive her.I believe family has a lot to do with breakups as with friends


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