Is it worth getting back in contact with this guy or should I just let it go? Guys, help me out please!

OK, so last March I met this guy at a bar. Physically he was my definition of perfect. We went out on a date and it was good but with the conversations we were having I saw our lives moving in two completely different directions. I went back to the same bar we met at later that weekend for a friends birthday and he surprised me by being there (I said I might be there but I wasn't 100%) and he said a few things that made me a little uncomfortable (basically saying things like "I need you" "I want to" when he barely knew me).

The only relationship I've ever been in I jumped into way too fast and it wound up being awful in the end and I'm really scared of that happening again (which is why a second relationship hasn't happened). My guard was up before but now I feel it's like sky high (my ex made me cry pretty much everyday for 4 months while we were dating). The things this guy was saying to me freaked me out and scared me but I still think about him a lot. I still have his number and I think about texting him (mostly when I've been drinking and feel bold) but I never wind up doing it. So is it worth getting back in contact with this guy or should I just let it go?


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  • You'll never know unless you give it a shot, unless you aren't interested. If he has more creepy things to say, then you know. You're thinking about him for a reason, is he much different then who you've been with before? In a good way? Change is uncomfortable, but you need to push forward. In this case it only requires a text response and he'll handle the rest, pretty easy. As the saying goes, sh*t or get off the pot.

    • My ex pretty much forced me to say I loved him after a month of dating and he started saying he cared about me after he knew me for about a week. Some of my friends thought it was sweet but it terrified me because it reminded me of my ex

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