Breaking Up 8months need help & suggestions?

Hey guys. This is my first post here so bear with me;

Okay so, I've been dating someone for the past 8months and overtime she has became more and more clingy and doesn't show trust anymore. She's gotten more jealous of my girl best friend for no apparent reason and she's not 'unbotteling' herself.
I really do like her but she is distancing herself too much from me.
I'm in constant wonder and chaos of what she thinks and she's kinda building this stress bottle too much.
I've been thinking about breaking up for a while now but it's exam season and she only ends it in 2months. I feel terrible for breaking up during the exam season and I'd also feel terrible for leading her on for another 2 months.

I'm here to ask suggestions on how and when I should break up.

- I'm going to do it face to face as I feel I owe her that much.
- she's also 4 years older than me and currently on her last year of uni so exams are important

I want a break up due to clinginess and head spinning. She's in exams for an additional 2 months. How and when should I break up, any tips/suggestions?
1 y
Update 1: The reasons might sound silly, but it's been putting me on edge and really driving me kinda mad.

We haven't also had intercourse for a good 4months and she's been putting it off now whenever stuff gets spicy
Breaking Up 8months need help & suggestions?
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