Can I break up with this girl? and how should I do it?

I've been with this girl for 6 months and took her virginity. She lives 40 min away and were both in high school. I did like her at first a lot but she is so shy and kind of boring now. I'm in my junior year and going on a lot of fun vacations where I would like to be single. It's been 6 months and she's is deeply in love with me. Not trying to be cocky but she isn't that attractive. If I do break up with her how do I do it because I can't drive to her house because I can't drive and I couldn't do it in person because she lives so far out of the way. Also, I don't know if this matters, but she has problems at home also including she met her father for the first time 8 months ago.


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  • Never stay with someone because you don't want them to be sad. The day my ex broke up with me he said he didn't want to because he knew it'd hurt me and I'd be sad, that was a red flag to me, I knew that was just wrong.

    She's not going to like you once you do break up with her, she loves you, she probably likes how you accepted her shyness and you didn't care, and she'll be thinking that you just want to be single because you're going on awesome vacations and you're probably gonna meet some hot girls that are way more attractive than she is. Yep.

    The main question is, Do you still like her? Do you love her?

    Think about this, you were able to have sex with her and now you say you can't break up with her in personbecause it's too far away. She's given you a lot and she has many feelings for you, don't take the low road and break up in a text she's WORTH having you visit her and tell her in person. She's worth it. The way I see it, you're like her escape from problems at home, you made her life better.

    Let me tell you something, I'm very shy. VERY. It's hard for me to be myself around a guy I like, so she might be very self conscious around you... She's shy around you for a reason. You want to break the ice? You need to put forth the effort to really understand her. You say she's boring, maybe the things you DO are just making it boring. If you do the same old same old, do something new! There are many things you can do, you just gotta find them!

    Point is: Break up with her NOT because you think she's boring or too shy. Break up with her because you KNOW in your heart that you don't love her. If you have feelings for her, try to make things work...relationships take work and nothing comes easy.

    • Please tell me how I can get to her house to say do it. I've never been over her house she's always over mine. I've never broken up with someone because I've never been with someone.

    • 6 months and you haven't been to her house? That's not good. Ok, so know that when you break up with her she isn't going to talk to you or want to talk to you and most likely won't want to be friends with you. You either tell her the REAL reason why you can't be with her, or you tell her the lame excuse my ex used-"I can't be with anyone right now" or "I'm not happy with you". If you want to come off as less of a jerk, tell her the real reason, and say it like you mean's never easy.

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  • hiya just tell her that you need a break and you don't think things are working between you anymore.

    the best way to do it is just be straight up about it.

    if the girl loves you it is going to be really hard for her tell her you will still be mates.

    i was with my ex boyfriend for a year and he finished with me just a couple of week before Christmas and it killed me so I no what the poor girl is going to be going threw.

    tell her you don't see her that way anymore and that you have lost intrest there is no point being with somebody that you don't find attractive.

    sorry if some of it doesn't make sence hope it works for you through

  • -How can she live close enough where you had sex with her, but not to break up with her?

    -She's not deeply in love with you. She may think she is, but she isn't.

    -Stop thinking with your penis. That will get you in a lot of trouble.

    -Just break up with her. It's not like you actually care about her feelings.

    • Oh, and it's "break" not "brake".

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  • Whats her email. I'll email your post. Kidding. Call her and tell her you hate to do this on the phone but she just lives to far away. Your very sorry but you realize long distance relationship is too much for you. Let her speak say goodbye and hang up.


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