Any chance she might come back to me and is her current guy just a rebound?

Started seeing this woman in January & we mutually decided to end it around a month ago as we just felt our circumstances weren't right. She is 45 and I am 38, she has 3 kids so she felt she was holding me back from dating people my own age and the chance to start a family. She wanted to remain friends though and I agreed.
I didn't realise how much I loved her until a few days of not seeing her, I told her that I would need some time out if we were to remain friends and so blocked her on my phone.
After month of no contact I messaged her on FB last week and asked how she was doing, she said she was doing really well and had started seeing someone and had gotten together with him a week after we broke up, it turns out it was an ex of hers who she had been seeing for a month last year, around 6 months before we got together. I've seen the guys Facebook and he is the exact opposite to me. I am quite well spoken, have a professional job, quite sensitive, no real baggage and like to think of myself as a half decent guy. Obviously I'm being a bit judgmental going off someones FB page so I hope you'll forgive me but this guy has a lot of tattoos, 4 kids by 4 different women, looks to have a non secure labouring type job, posts overtly right-wing/slightly racist posts/memes and from my first impressions is perhaps one of those alpha male types.
This was like taking a bullet and I pretended for a few days I was ok, responding to her messages normally but it became too hard and I sent her a long heartfelt message telling her how much I loved her, thanked her for the time we had together and hoped the new guy would be the one to give her the life she deserves.
I left it 24 hours and she didn't respond so yesterday blocked her on everything and unfriended her on Facebook.
Obviously I am going no contact now and haven't really put a timescale on when I will get back in touch with her, if I do at all and just wanted some insight from the outside about the whole thing really.
Any chance she might come back to me and is her current guy just a rebound?
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