Why did he break up with me if he still loves me?

We dated for five years, we were going to get married. We had a fight over how much time I wanted to spend with him and that he was working too hard. I gave him an ultimatum and he chose his job.

He told me that he didn't want me to change. He just thinks that we'd be happier by not being together. He doesn't want to go on a break, that it's a break-up and he's not going to change his mind right now. He told me he loves me, just not in the way I want him to. He told me that there was just something wrong about our relationship, something fundamental between us and that it can't be fixed.

I know that he has been depressed since he broke up with me and that he still loves me. I don't know why he doesn't think our relationship can be fixed. Do you think that maybe he doesn't believe that we have a future together anymore? Is that why he broke up with me?

He just thinks that it's for the best, and doesn't give me any reasons why...



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  • He doesn't want to hurt you, but he thinks you are too immature to understand him. Or to understand his work situation.

    I have no idea if he's right or not, but that's his mindset, I would say.

  • You gave him an ultimatum...IMO you broke a cardinal rule...If you truly love him you'd have conversed with him and you'd have both reached a consensus...That type of love isn't "we're partners, let's take care of this together", it's "I'm in charge and we're doing what I say." It's selfish, and maybe I do sound jaded, but my ex tried changing me and hell I put up with it for a time, the idiot I was. It's for the best, for him, for his future, and it's best for you because he can't be what you want him to be, like he said. Let him go.


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