Should I have unfriended him on social media?

Okay so me and my ex boyfriend broke up a few months ago, but we decided we were going to be friends. I was the one that always texted him first. He never went out of his way to text me. I stopped talking to him for a few weeks because of stress and I wanted to see if he would actually talk to me on his own. ( he didn't)
I noticed a few weeks later the playlist he made for me was deleted and he unfollowed the playlist I made for him. I thought it had something to do with the song choices ( some of them were breakup songs). I only put those few breakup songs on there after we broke up because I was hurt. A few days after he deleted the playlist, I tried to talk to him and I said " hey how are you doing? Sorry I haven't talked to you in a few weeks I have been stressed. He never responded to me. He has not tried to talk to me. I kept asking my friends about the situation and they told me I deserve better and that they think he is seeing someone.
Should I have unfriended him on social media?
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