I just want to share my horrible experience with my ex.

My and my ex spent 6 years together. WE broke up few times but I always forgave him and let him back. We moved in together, I was so happy. We were happy.I gave him freedom but one day he told me he doesn't want me.I was heartbroken, he was rude to me when we talked on the phone, so I decided I move out before he comes back from holidays.He called me when he came back ,was surprised. We met the next day he apologized for being rude, people p*ss him off and he took it out on me.

We met once for dinner was OK, he came to see where I lived,we kept in touch but then he started sending me songs on facebook,love song.I was confused I got upset and said him something I shouldn't have, he was rude then,so we stopped keeping in touch. Months later he contacted me again.We went for dinner we talked but he was very controlling and when he wanted to meet me it was fine, but when I wanted I was told to move on.

I loved him a lot and for a strange reason I still do.

One day I texted him that I want to see him for the old times sake have some fun, meaning sex. He texted me back 3 hours later that he is gonna be home if I wanted to come.I changed my mind I said I don't want it anymore. He got upset he left me a very nasty message.

After this we haven't spoken for months. Then one day he called m asking how is things , how I am doing. Then I found out he has a girlfriend,I texted him why didn't he say so when we talked.

A week later he called me up to have sex with him, I missed him so I went and we had 2 amazing nights. But then he left to his girlfriend.I got mad at him, perhaps I didn't have a reason because I knew she is there but I felt hurt..After he came back I met him as I had my stuff in his garage, he said he will help me take it home. I did not want to see him but I had no other choice. Then he told me ff for the messages I sent and for behaving silly. Few minutes later he asked me if I work tomorrow lets have a crazy night again. I thought he is joking and I laughed, but he was serious.I thought about it and since I was leaving for holidays anyway I said yeah why not now I know what to expect, just s*x nothing more. We had fun again, but something changed he wanted to see me more often. we spent together lots of time we had fun just like before. But It lasted for about a month. From one day to another he changed he dumped me again. He didn't have the girlfriend anymore either. I told him not to hurt me but he did it again. I take my share of responsibility but I loved him a lot.

A month or more past by since and we haven't spoken, I would send him an odd message which would make him for I dint know what reason upset. I wanted to talk and just make things better, but things got just worse. We talked the other day and he was awful, said so many bad things.I couldn't stop myself I texted him few more saying that I wish him l the bad things in life.In the morning I got a text that he is sorry and he only means well or me and he did not mean what he said.
Sorry for the grammar:-)))


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