Am I being played even after the relationship has ended with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I just broke up after 2 years. Due to a lot of drama coming from one of his close guy friends babymama. My boyfriend went out one night & me and him had planned to have breakfast the next morning after I came from church. I called and called and didn’t hear anything from him. So I Facebook messaged his guy friends babymomma & she ended up asking me to call her. Well that opened up a can of worms we talked on the phone and met up in person and she told me that she didn’t know that my boyfriend had a girlfriend and that my boyfriend and her child’s father were hoeing around town which is to why she was not together now with her child’s father.

My boyfriend and I talked and I asked him about what she said. I Never accused him of anything.. even though some of the things she said added up. Well to make a long story short turns out my ex had another phone line where he was talking to his “friend” and other female “friends” and he didn’t want me to know b/c he didn’t know how I would react. I told him if he just told me vs trying to hide it that I wouldn’t have a problem. He lied and said it was a phone app but, it wasn’t.

Then there was random txts being sent to me, my ex, and some of his female “friends”. Basically saying that I was stupid for staying with him, he’s cheating on me, and that one of his “friends” was who my ex was being intimate with. I questioned my boyfriend... he denied everything. He would talk to these same females everyday (one being his ex) The thing that bothered me was that these were new friends that he met, I never met them, and supposedly his homeboy was talking to the other female. Shady stuff.

he still wants to keep in contact, says he wants some space and we get back together in a few months. He says he still loves me and etc but he felt like I believed everything the babymomma was saying. He’s sending mixed signals. One day he’s talking about our future the nxt he says it doesn’t matter if we get bck 2gether. Am I being played?
1 y
Also, I tried no contact when we first broke up which drove him crazy. So he told me I never call him and etc he always has to initiate contact. So I started contacting him but, I’m the only one initiating now. It’s a weird situation so I stopped just recently.
Am I being played even after the relationship has ended with my boyfriend?
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