Obsession, isolation?

Hey guys,

If you could really give me some advice it'll be helpful.

My 22 year old brother has isolated himself in a small bedroom with only his videos games. He plays his games 24/7 non-stop. The only break he takes is a washroom or food break. When my mother or father tell him to get out the house and be active he swears at them and gets very angry. He is under debt and instead of saving money he would spend them on his friends (he worked before he isolated himself). Now he finds a job but doesn't go and chooses his games over his work, friends and family. It's been a month and it looks like he ain't gonna stop anytime soon.

Would you guys kindly advice something cuz I even contacted his friends but they said he fought with them as well so they no longer wanna get involved.

I can't really figure out why he's doing this, I sense he's depressed and running away from his problems instead of dealing with them and my parents are not easy to communicate with so I feel like that's why he isn't talking. As a sister I wanna help but I don't know how.
Obsession, isolation?
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