Is it outta respect or was he bothered?

My ex boyfriend and I finally called it quits. After trying many times. It just wasn't working out due to our lifestyles. 3 months later we were talking and I informed him that I am interested in someone and it can develop to something more. He asked if this was recently and I said yes. He said go for it. Because with him it was never going to workout. Since he wants to be selfish right now and take care of him.

I texted him the next day thanking him for taking the time to talk to me about all of this and I know he's not happy with his current situation aka job, old car, and bills but that I wish him the best and send him good vibes.

He never responded back. Its been 3 days. Is it outta respect that he rather not respond? Since I am moving on from him (I had more feelings) or is he bothered cause I did have more feelings but I'm choosing to move on?

Mind you we always text here and there. He always responds.
Is it outta respect or was he bothered?
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