Do I ask him out????

well I have liked, really liked, this dude for almost 2 years we've been out twice and we only broke up the last time because he cheated on me, I have never stopped loving him but then he went out with one of friends and I felt sooooooooo sh#t while they were going out I hated my friend for it cos she new how much I love him. and they broke up today and my friend was talking to him bout me to him to find out if he likes me and he said he wanted to be with me forever he thinks that I am the one, but at the end of this year I am changing schools and I don't know if he'll ask me out because of that.

what do I do? please help :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • he will cheat on you again...if you want some fun then go for it...


What Girls Said 1

  • f*** just leave it be.. he's probably playing you. I know its hard to forget someone you love, but just try. your still young, there are many more guys who wouldn't care enough for you to not cheat on you.


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