My ex wants a second chance?

My ex and i were together for 2 years. So my fault was that we kept things relatively quiet for a while and slowly started telling me people so on so on. The inly thing i didn't like was posting photos of us on social media. (Ive since realized that its essentail for a girls sense of security) So she kept saying it bothered her but never really made it sound as bad as it made her feel. Eventually she gave up without really communicating how bad it was and starting seeing someone her 19 him 32 at work after 3 days had feelings for him. We had a small fight that was used as an excuse and she told me a few weeks later see has been flirting and planning to hook up with this guy and didn't want to cheat. Basically i told her and reassured her that there's never been another girl and she's my 2nd person I've ever slept with and i haven't ever cheated. She cried because she realized i was telling the truth but then stopped responding, went to the bar that week with her friends called this guy to the bar. Next week she says we can rebuild and wants only me. Two things she only told me a week after this when i asked her she made out with him at the bar.(who knows at this point) basically i know i hurt her unintentionally and this was a lash out at me and all, but she wants to fix things. We both made mistakes but she ended up doing that is it worth fixing? The trust is gone but feelings are still there.
1 y
She works alone with this guy every day for the next 8 months. She says she told him she "doesnt want anything"
My ex wants a second chance?
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