He said his feelings have changed.. is it time to move on? Or could I get him back?

I don’t tend to post my romantic life details online but I’m very confused and don’t know what to do anymore.

I live with my now ex boyfriend, last week we had a really heavy argument where I cussed a lot (yes at him) and he slept on the floor, after that he changed a lot...
Few days later I apologized and asked if he still liked me and he said that since that moment something changed.. so I thought to myself “how can someone magically unfall in love”
It is true I was not nice, in fact 80% of our arguments were becaus of me (I was clingy and needy).. but now I’m devastated and regret it came to this.
I’ve been crying a lot... and I know he knows it (we live in a flat apt so there’s literally no privacy) he feels bad ofcourse but I am not crying to make him feel bad... I cry because is painful he said he no longer loves me and is part of me trying to cope and accept it. I’m from a different country so anyway I’m gonna move back as soon as my visa expires.. but seeing him everyday is painful, so I was considering to move out some place else so I began to pack.
He’s a really sweet guy so yesterday he took me out to have dinner and take a walk with me. But at this point I don’t want him to have those attentions towards me, I feel he only does it because maybe he feels bad and he’s too kind.. but to me it’s just confusing.
What should I do? I want him back but I have literally less than two months here left.. I’m so confused but I’m also tired of crying specially because he always sees me so he knows I’m hurting and only feels bad for me.
He said his feelings have changed.. is it time to move on? Or could I get him back?
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