Should I go to social services?

My ex and I have a daughter. My ex has started seeing this man who is a paranoid schizophrenic that hears voices in his head that tell him to do things.

I see my daughter every day and she hasn't met this man yet and I, as her father, don't want her to. But my daughter lives with her mother and it is inevitable that my ex will introduce my daughter to this man.

This worries me. I know the man can't help being ill but I have my daughter to consider. As I don't spend all day with my daughter, I am worried that this man will have a psychotic episode (he forgets to take his medication and goes nuts in local shops swearing at and threatening staff) and frighten or worse, harm my daughter.

Should I inform social services so they can do a risk assessment and be aware of the potential danger? If I do, my ex will go nuts and make things awkward for me seeing my daughter but I am really worried that there is a risk to her.

My ex says I'm jealous and just don't want her to be with this chap. But my concern is for my daughter - she's only nine.
Should I go to social services?
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