Send her a card or just let it go? Three month relationship.

Me and My EX girlfriend went to the same high school together and lived in the same town.We never talked we just said hi to each other.We stopped talking for a year because she graduated in 2008 and then went off to college.She found me on facebook and kept on poking me.She couldn't add me because I took off the add as friend button.I then added her,we started talking as friends,one night we decided to hang out and our friendship turned into a relationship.She broke up with me and During the three month relationship we fought a lot over her talking,texting other guys,me not being able to trust her.When I slept over her house all the time I had to sleep in the living room on a mattress because her mom didn't like boys in the room.One night me and her went to the movies.We then went back to her house and her sisters best friend and her sister were sleeping in my girlfriends bed.Me and her thought it would be OK if we slept on the mattress because we had no where else to sleep.Her mom woke up and told her to go sleep in her bed.She told her mom the situation why she couldn't sleep in her bed.Me and my girlfriend talked about it and I told her I would sleep on the floor because I wasn't going to make her sleep on the floor of her own house.I then took a box pillow for my head and she didn't offer me a blanket so I covered up with the sweatshirt I had on that night .In the middle of the night she gave me a blanket.When I had my car ( got into a accident) I would always go out there to see her and she never made the attempt to come out to see me until I got into the accident.She said that I should do all of the driving out there because I'm the guy but I think it should of been 50/50. We broke up on November 9th and ended our relationship on bad terms.Her sister got in the middle off it because I was hurting her and stressing her out.Her sister said that I should leave her alone because she said what she said to say and I said what I needed too.After that night I haven't talked or texted her.I went to the hospital because I had a really bad sore throat.She texted me on the 13th and said how are you feeling?do you have what I had a infection in the mouth.She also texted me on the 14th and 15th and said this.Look (my name) I know I broke up with you and everything but I feel I can't stop thinking about you.Hey (my name) I just wanted to drop a message to tell you I miss you but you probably don't miss me.I hope we could talk again someday.I will always going to be your friend.If your gonna text me feel free too.I will talk to you.I hope we talk again.I will leave this to be a last message.I know you are mad at me and all.I hope you text me back.Since she started texting me on the 13th I haven't texted her back.After the breakup she already added one of her ex boyfriends to her facebook and we only broke up on the 9th.She told me that she cared about and loved me.Her birthday is on the 27th should I text her,send her a card or just let it go. Sorry its long.


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  • so you guys knew each other from HS, and you really weren't close friends, but later on found each other on facebook, and then became a couple.

    Same here!

    Then she had other guys she flirted with and you were not really trusting that she was all yours? So she dumped you because you were kind of paranoid? And after she dumped you she added one of her exes, so you're paranoid that she likes him still?

    Well maybe you really needed to trust her more.

    I mean I had guy friends, and my guy knew about them... and they text me and call me and talk on facebook but he wasn't the jealous type at all.

    Did you also snoop around her cell phone and her facebook messages? I had a friend who had her ex do that to her, and she dumped him because he was paranoid and seemed controlling/immature.

    Well, I'm not sure that's why she dumped you though. I"m just saying, try to figure out the problem and hopefully it won't happen again.

    Now it seems like you guys didn't end on really great terms. She said that that was going to be her last text to you. Therefore I think you should have a no contact policy where you would only go to see her if she was the one dying and you had a piece of your body you had to give to her to keep her alive (I'm kidding ofcourse). But regardless, try to move on by not thinking about her and learn more about yourself. That's what I always do in relationships. I learn what type of person I am, what went wrong, what kind of person I want to be with, etc.

    take care

    • I am doing the no contact policy like I have been doing and like what you said.She keeps on texting me.She texted me yesterday and said "I have one last question.please answer you wanna be with me or be just friends.If you don't answer I guess you don't wanna talk to me.I will leave you alone. Should I text her or keep on doing the no contact policy? Her birthday is coming up on November 27th.Do I send her a card,text or do I just let her birthday past?

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  • can you add me ? this needs a lot more understanding.

  • Ugh, Man drama.


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