Ex said he is uncomfortable?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago... He wanted to stay friends, which I agreed to.

I still love him and I miss him terribly but I'm trying hard to move on and stay positive with things. I go out and have a great time, he is sometimes there as we have the same friends. I notice he looks at me when we're out too and makes conversation with me.

I thought things were going great, we spent some time alone at his place (only for 30 minutes) because I had to drop off something. He invited me in and lead the conversation, I thought - This is great!

But since then, he has been stand-offish and hardly speaks to me or replies to my text messages.

He was always the one to initiate contact but now he doesn't and it's been like this for 2 weeks.

He's been very weird and uncomfortable around me too, and even said he isn't entirely comfortable as yet... Even though he seemed VERY comfortable the other day?

Why now? After 3 months, its like when we broke up? I don't understand him... He is 25 I am 26 if this helps.

Guys? What does this mean?

Girls? Have you experienced this? How did you handle it?


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  • I would say this means he still has feelings for you. It's only been 3 months and it sometimes takes a while for us guys to realize what we have lost.

    Maybe he still wants you but doesn't think you want him back which is why he is trying not to communicate with you.

    I split up with my ex around a month ago and I still have feelings for her. Initially I tried to keep contact but found it too difficult at this stage to be just friends so I am going to back off until I don't think of her romantically anymore.

    If you had a good relationship chances are he does want to stay friends but perhaps has realized he is not ready yet. Give him space and he'll contact you again when he's ready

    • He knows how I feel about him.

      Why, if he still has feelings, doesn't he act on it? Why just get over it and not give it another chance?

      Guys always do this, when all we want is to be told what is going on :(

    • But I will give him space as you suggested...

      I kind of wanted him to see what he is missing, we were so good together but he was confused about how he felt about me and rather than work it out, he felt it was easier to break up... This broke me and I am still broken from it.

      Space is probably best right now, thanks for your answer - It has helped.

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