How should I open a conversation with my ex?

We broke up a month ago and it's still hard to see myself with out him. He was really hurt previously and felt it best to break up after he moved 4 hrs away for work. Besides for both of us being upset, there were no hard feeling during the break up. About two weeks ago I had to contact him about something. I did so through a simp,e text just saying I needed to ask him something. He called me 2 days later saying he would be in town for the weekend and he wanted to see me. We never ended up getting together because I had to work and he is bad at planning...But every text that weekend was pure flirting and when he called me he told me it was "good to hear me smile". And once he got ohm he texted saying he was sorry we didn't see each other.

I haven't been sure how to take this. I think I'm more scared of talking to him now then I ever was. I know I should let him know I'm thinking of him but I'm not sure how. He's got my gut completely tangled now. Any advice!?


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  • Just be like how have you been or what have you been up to


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