Why does he keep doing this?

why does my ex boyfriend keep parking beside me at work when there is a whole parking lot to park in? I'm thinking he does it on purpose to play mind games but not sure

ok the first time he did it I laughed and left alittle not in his truck letting him I know I laughed about it I said what did you do forget what my car looked like which I knew he didn't maybe he thinks if he does it he will get more notes
he came looking 4 me 2day were back together


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  • Of course he does it on purpose. He's trying to mess with you.

    • why would he want to mess with me like that? I haven't done anything to him

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    • So there you have it... "he got jealous as soon as I tried to go on with my life". Yeah he dumped you but he still wants to control you and have you thinking about him 24/7. That's why he parks beside you.

    • ok thank you now I understand

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