This girl I have been seeing says she needs time away cause her ex keeps calling her and stressing her out?

I started dating this girl and we were taking it slow enjoying each others company she was with her ex for 9 years, lived together and all I was content with taking it slow but she broke down all the walls that I spent so long building she would text me to tell me that she was missing me and that she enjoyed just cuddling with me she told me that I was nothing like the other guys she dated and she wanted things to be different with me She was the one who said we were dating, and that she looked forward to staying over my house. 10 days ago we were suppose to spend the day together but she called me and said that I wouldn't be happy but her ex was stressing her out cause he was calling all the time. She was trying to be happy with me, but she was scared caused he was physically abusive to her in the past. I haven't heard from her since. I want to believe that she is into me just as much as I am into her. And that she really just needs time. I want to know when and if I will hear from her again or when I can get in touch with her. As I don't want to stress her out anymore than she already is. She is very stubborn too, and I think that is why I haven't heard from her. Help me out...Please!


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  • I'm sorry but I've gotta give you some tough love. Move on. You need to stay away from girls like this, they love the drama and will do anything to be sure it stays in their life, and as long as you're with her it will stay in yours too. She's happy with you, but she can't stop talking about her ex. If she wanted to she could change her phone number, ignore him, let it go. But she hasn't and she won't. Wanna know why? She loves it. The problem is you're a good guy, and good guys don't give her the drama she craves.


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