Does this married girl like me?

So I have seen this woman at the gym for quite some time. She's absolutely gorgeous. Only lately have we started talking to each other.

One day, I come to the gym late and missed a class. So did she. So I asked if she wanted to do some training together.

We ended up training together and we were quite playful and quite flirty as well. Right after training, she laid on the mats and wanted me to lay next to her. I began to stretch my back as I do have some problems with it. Then she insisted on giving me a back rub. I rolled on my stomach and she lifted my shirt. She took down my number. She even drove me home

Few days later, I see her at the gym. we were quite playful again. She told me she has kids and they're with her "husband" but she continued to toy around with me.

I saw her at a class again the other night. She was extremely playful again. She even smacked my butt.

When I got home, I saw her instagram story at a pub patio. I asked where it was. She then asked me "Why? you wanna come with me next time?" Whenever I post a story on Instagram, she will comment on it. She doesn’t show photos of her husband on Instagram at all.

What are your thoughts?
Does this married girl like me?
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