Should I sleep with someone else?

My boyfriend cheats once every 2 months with the same girl (he tells me about her). he's also busy selling cars as a car sellsman and i am sex crazed. I never cheated on him, only once in the begining of our relationship he stood me up for a date and i slept with someone else the same day. i ended up in tears becauae the guy rubbed my back and it wasent the same feeling. I want sex 3 times a week and i have a offer from a co-worker to have sex. Should i have sex with my co-worker? Should i tell my boyfriend about him, im not good at lying. I dont want to cheat but i so want sex. (We have sex 2 times a week because i spend the night at his house so it happens so close together i wish it was spread out over multiple days)
1 y
Its complicated. I dont look at the surface. I look at what causes the action. I know what leads him cheat and im focusing on healing the past hurt that cause him to cheat in the first place. Thats why i haven't left him.
Should I sleep with someone else?
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