SHE wants to BREAK UP with me because she says she LOVES me too much?

Long story short we have been together for over a year. We did almost 7 months in long distance through the course of the relationship and we love each other. However she wants to break up with me. It's because we only have 6 months together before she plans to move away to an other country. I plan to move to the same city but after a whole 9 months and thats if I get into the University. And after the last 4 months in long distance, neither of us are keen to take that route just yet. However she says that the more time she spends with me the more she loves me and knowing that this relationship is going to end at some point in the future she doesn't want to hurt herself nor me by investing more feelings into this.

On the contrary, I've been telling her to cherish the time we have together and believe that we will make things work in the future by working towards it any way. I just don't understand why break up when we love spending time together and have such a great time and to give it up out of fear that we might not be together in the future because of the circumstances. She wants to continue being friends but I don't know if I can ever just see her that way.

She has told me she has broken up but refuses to say that she doesn't love me and I just don't know what to do. I can't get her to see the fact that we have 6 months with each other and I need some advice. Is it the right thing to break up, even though I don't agree, or to fight for the relationship
SHE wants to BREAK UP with me because she says she LOVES me too much?
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