'Seeing' someone else but still texting me?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago...pretty long story, basically he broke up with me as he had a feeling I was gonna break up with him (true to some extent, I was crazily stressed with work & didn't think it was fair for him to deal with me like that) OK so I realize that was a mistake. any way he's tried staying friends with me but I have refused...all or nothing. I told him I want to get back together but he said he's not sure what to do. he's been saying this for 3 months now!

when we first broke up he didn't do much, but ever since I told him I went to clubs a lot, I've met new guys, he turned crazy and he's honestly out every night! more to the point, after I told him id gone a date with a guy, he started seeing this girl, took her on a date and stuff. thing is he doesn't know I know this (im friends with his friends) I know they text and stuff and it does really hurt because I'm only going on dates, not seeing anyone. any way a week ago he text me saying he loved me still, missed me, can't get over me, but he's still unsure what to do with us. at first I thought maybe he's doing this cos he's finished with this girl, but his friends said he still sees her! why is he still talking to me if he's got this other girl?!?


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  • It seems that he's just being nice to you.


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