I know how to treat a heart attack but am lost here? Help?

I just graduated from med school, during my last few days I found a liking to girl in first year. Got introduced by a friend and we started hanging out. She seemed all comfortable but I was leaving school and only a few weeks in knowing her I asked her out.

She said wasn't looking for something right now and that she wasn't over her ex. also said would be really happy if she were with me how and she got me. then asked me to stay friends and she really wants that.( I have only know her for few weeks at that point) I said okay.

now I find her making an effort to be friends yet when we talk its really awkward.

Should I stay and wait or should I just move on? Help ?


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  • To me it sounds like she just not that "into" you. I would NEVER tell a guy I wanted to be "just friends" if I was at all, even a tiny bit interested in him. I would casually date him until I knew if I wanted to be with him or not. Also, there's no such thing as needing time to get over your ex. What she means is that you're not the guy that she wants to get her over her ex.

    I wouldn't waste your time with her one second! You're going to be a doctor, and then you can date whoever the hell you want! I don't necessarily mean that all girls are after your money, although it does give you a security that is very attractive to women. More that it's been my experience that the respect doctors receive gives them a lot of confidence which is the sexiest thing a guy can have.


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  • move on bro not worth the effort of trying to get out of friend zone


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