Moving to a new city?

So we have been dating for about 3 years, no problems in the relationship...the occasional disagreement but nothing to fight over. Anyways things are going downhill in the city we live in so we both decided to move. I've never moved anywhere with anyone only by myself let alone a boyfriend. Just wondering what experiences you had moving to a new city with your significant other...did it cause any problems or make things better? let me know how it went for you!


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  • The ``geographic'' solution? Doesn't work.

    You'll have the stress of moving, new job, for starters.

    You must have a stable relationship to survive a move (or painting, or re-arranging the furniture, or wallpapering, ... ;-))

    • Haha no no we have a stable relationship, everythings good. When I said down hill I ment that there are no good jobs or opportunities in the city we live in, that's why we're moving. Everything is good with the relationship, I just wanted to know (and kinda scared of) if moving to a new city can change that...?

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