What do I do? It really hurt me.

My boyfriend and I both went out on Saturday with diff groups of friend s and got really drunk and both of us kissed someone else :S

I came clean first then he did aswell.

I keep bringing it up... I can't help it I think about it all the time and I know I shouldn't have and I feel like such a hypocrite but its really hurt me.

anyway I brought it up again tonight when he came to visit me he went in a major huff and fell asleep on my bed for an hour ( he was up last night doing coursework so he's only had 40mins of sleep) anyway he left without hugging me or kissing me, I was devastated... then he text me two hour later saying 'I love you xxxxxx'

dunno what to do should I text him back?


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  • Well just because this all happened doesn't mean that he doesn't love you anymore. Text him back, just like you normally would.

    And yes honey, I'm sorry to be harsh, but you can't get on him for doing the same thing you did. Regardless of whether it hurt or not, I wouldn't tell him how it hurt you because yes, that would be hypocritical.

    This, however, is going to taint things going forward because now, neither one of you guys is going to be able to go out with friends without the other person feeling like they can trust whoever it is going out. You guys really need to either resolve your issues with this or get over it completely. Good luck sweetie, I truly wish you the best!


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