What do I do? (Advice pls!)?

So me and my ex have been broken up for almost a month now, people say he’s been sad and hasn’t acted this way before when he broke up with other girls he broke up with me, and didn’t even try talk out what was wrong, and he usually blocks his ex’s on Snapchat and he didn’t do that to me but recently my friend (his cousin) asked him if she would bring me to his house and I thought it was weird because usually he wouldn’t of ask that kinda thing and now last night he snapped me and ask me if I still liked him... I didn’t want to ruin my chance or seem like I miss him so bad so I just asked why and he said ‘idk jw’ and I asked why again and then I asked if he still likes me and he said ‘no’ my friend said maybe it’s because I sounded like I moved on and that he didn’t wanna look dumb? Bc who would ask someone they don’t like anymore if they still liked them? There’s no point. my friend also said that it feels like me and him are meant to be and yes I still love him and miss him. but I don't know what to do? What should I do? Does it sound like he wants me back? I need advice.

I asked this a day ago but I just need more advice please 💯
What do I do? (Advice pls!)?
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