How to not get ahead of yourself?

I have a habbit of after one date starting to think things out in my mind. As in I will be planning my 3rd and 4th date with someone before they even ask me on a second date.

I have recently been lucky enough to get the opportunity to plan an upcoming date with a guy I like. however, since he is shy I do not want to get ahead of myself and end up comming off too strongly. What advice do you have to not start jumping ahead, and letting your mind runaway with its self.


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  • You know what sweetie - I think that happens a lot when you just like someone, I used to do that too!

    You just need to FORCE YOURSELF to be casual and not to have any expectations. I'm sorry girl, there's not really anything anyone can say to make this change in you, you're the only one who can force yourself not to go that route and it does take practice :). Good luck !


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