boyfriend broke up with me?

Last night my boyfriend who now travelling to his hometown in another country texted me asking what if we didn't get married? I asked him why and he said
1. He didn't see himself marrying me
2. he's 33 but still he doesn't have work car or asset.
3. He said he's not on his right track or where he's supposed to be (old and no asset)
4. That he need to get married to a woman there soon soon (last time we discussed about marriage and he said he won't get married till he get a job)
5. I asked him is it because he doesn't love me anymore he said not because of love of care but he must do what he has to do.
6. His family needs him and his family is in difficult situation.

But he did let me video talk to his mom and siblings and he told his mom about us and showed our pictures and his parents likes me.
And he didn't explain why when i ask him why u showed our picture wheb u knew u wanna leave me and he dont have answer.

I believe he's doing this out of the feeling that he has nothing despite his age. And he needed space and wanna release me as his responsibility.. so that we both can do what we want and meet again later in the future when we both stable (this what he said 2 monts back).
I love him and we both love each other and we've been together for 4 years.
Am i delusional or am i right that he just needed space to figure out his life?
boyfriend broke up with me?
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