What does time to think mean?

basically I hurt my ex. A few days aficionados we were together and a friend caused drama and sent me a message saying that she seen him clubbing a few weeks ago and speaking to girls, she made it sound really
bad and I panicked and went crazy. I said some awfull things to him over text like ‘I have no feelings for you anymore’ ‘cheater’ and I hate you etc. At the time he was asleep so I didn’t give him a chance to defend himself before I showed him the message , he rang me up really angry and hurt that I took my friends side without letting him defend himself first and he broke up with me. This was a few days ago and I’ve apologised to him and I know I was wrong to do that, last two days he’s been ringing me a few times a day acting asif nothing happened, I asked him earlier what is going on, I said I thought you didn’t want me in your life anymore why aren’t you calling me? I said to him to you want to sort this or not? And he said I was really nasty and that he needs time to think?
I know I was in the wrong but I don’t feel I deserve to be punished for so long? Last time I spoke to him was last night and he said he needed time to think ☹️ What should I do
What does time to think mean?
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