Do you consider sexting cheating?

My ex sexted another girl several times behind my back (sent photos and dirty messages). I am still hurt about it, and I told him not to message me anymore. Then he blew up on me acting like I was being over dramatic. He said “you are acting like i killed someone, or raped you, or did something even worse. All i did was message someone when i was mad or sad. I made a mistake. But you weren’t perfect either”.

I never cheated or tried to cheat. I never did anything like that to him. It makes me so angry he doesn’t realize sexting another girl and giving her tons of attention is cheating. He acts like Shouldn’t hold it against him. Or I shouldn’t think it’s a big deal! Also, it wasn’t a mistake. He did it so many times and only admitted to it when I caught him.
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Do you consider sexting cheating?
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