A weird dream that changed me. What should I do?

I know this might be off topic (mainly because I’m not sure where to post it), but I saw my ex in a dream. To make things a bit clearer, I’ll give a brief story about our relationship. Surprisingly enough, it was a long distance relationship. We were in a relationship for 8 months and only saw each other 3 times. I broke up with her, back in September 2016, because feelings were kinda dying out. For the most part I think it was my fault, because I was so irritated by the fact that we were so far away from each other (126,7 miles or 204 km). But before I did, I asked her if she had any feelings left for me. Obviously enough, she “didn’t know”. So it all ended there. It was tough, but I managed to recover from the breakup.

It has been 2 years since then and we only exchanged a couple of messages (mostly on our birthdays, because we are kind and all that stuff) but nothing special had been going on between us after the breakup. I’m neutral about her, or at least I was before last night.

The dream that I had last night was so weird, and yet, so magical. I met her and it felt like we came back together, or rather like we’ve always been together. The only difference was that she actually lived in my town. It was sorta like it that movie “The family man”. Also, I was well aware that it was a dream, but I didn’t want it to end at all. I felt such a strong connection between us like never before.
I woke up in such confusion, like someone messed with my feelings while I was asleep. I got so sad. My feelings at that moment were totally indescribable. Being cliché isn’t my style, and I rarely talk about feelings and relationships, but this one time, a huge wave hit me. I feel like I fell in love with her once again.

So my question to you is...

Have you ever experienced something similar? What could have caused these feelings, and why in the dream? Especially after such a long time?

Everyone is welcome to share their opinion.

Thanks in advance.
A weird dream that changed me. What should I do?
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