Should I forgive my girlfriend/wife for cheating on me?

I will explain my situation as I feel it is a very unique one. Me any my girlfriend have been together for a 4 1/2 years she is only 18 and have never been with another man. She used to be so in love with me for the first 3 years I could tell and I may not have treated her the same way back but in the past year I fallen so deeply in love with her and it seems she fell out of love with me in the past year. We live together and have a son. My love for her was so special because I have been the only man in her life she was a virgin when I met her which is what made her so special. It turns out the past year she has lied to me about numerous things. Where she is at, who she is talking to. It turns out she was talking to her boss behind my back for a month straight about getting advice on our relationship and why she feels empty and not complete. What I feel is she wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man. I feel she thought she doesn't want to get married at such a young age without knowing what another man would feel like. Well we had an argument one night and she stayed at her cousins and I did not talk to her until late that afternoon. I wanted her back and said I was sorry and left work an hour too late I knew she was going to do something she would regret but I was an hour too late. She went over this 40 year old mans house the day after leaving me and slept with him. I feel so betrayed by her I cannot look at her the same. When I look at her I am disgusted. She didn't even tell me she cheated I just had to figure it out myself and fight to get her to tell me and she finally did. I flipped out, I took all the clothes I bought her, her car I bought her, and our house. She had nothing(I was angry). 2 days later she begged me back crying her eyes out saying she thought it was what she was missing but it hurt her after she did it emotionally and physically. She said she cried all night and when she went out whenever she saw something it would remind her of me and she would cry again. I need some help SHOULD I FORGIVE HER? I will never look at her the same since I was her one and only her whole life.


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  • i think you should forgive her. she just felt something was missing. what she did was wrong and she could've done it a little differently, but she truly seems sorry. we as humans do things in the moment and later regret it, but we can never take it back. I'm sure you feel that she is tainted or something by being with another man,but I'm sure your still the the only man in her heart. Her heart still may be pure. But now its all up to you and weather you still feel the same about her. whatever you decide I hope you don't regret it.

    • Thanks for the advice. I talked to many people, family, friends. I have chosen I will give it a try and see if she can make it up to me. I told her I might leave her down the road if I don't ever feel that happiness again. But for my sons sake I will try to make it work and I pray I can get over this and love her again.

    • thats great! I'm very happy for you! :)

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