How do I get over someone?

I had my initial girlfriend 5 years ago. It lasted the best part of 3 years. Since then I've been battling difficult inner demons to the point of holding the bleach bottle in my hand, luckily I'm a coward so I didn't do anything. I attempted to have a sponge relationship, late rebound, about 9 months after the break up. This didn't work out very well. It ended after a month of doing nothing together, with her climbing all over my (at the time) best friend in front of me multiple times. A few months passed on by, an old part time crush from before I got with my first girlfriend came into my mind, and eventually I got with her. That lasted around half a year before I had to end it, it became too sex based and was very meaningless, plus on multiple occasions her face morphed into my original girlfriend's, it became clear to me I wasn't over her. I got back with her a month ago, but it fell apart after 2 weeks since it had no emotion.

So here I am 2 years after the break up, still besieged by memories. Memories I hated originally, I wanted to kill her, I wanted to burn her house down with her and her boyfriend in it (she cheated on me after lying, saying he was "just a friend" multiple times). I then forgot, I didn't think about her anymore, this was in my lighter period. Then slowly the memories came back, one by one, repressed memories triggering emotional reactions, making me question if I can ever love again with her coming to mind. Without the act being classed as a sacred act only to be performed between me and her. I then caught myself missing her. Wanting her back. And I am now at the stage of realising she was perfect for me. We had the same hobbies, we had silly arguments over things for fun. We did everything I'd ever want. If I ever got it again, I know I'd only ever think of her, the new partner would be forced to become her, and that's something out of a horror-romance.

I hate to sound like a youngling in a burning Jedi temple, but: What should I do?
How do I get over someone?
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