Should I ask her if she's over her ex?

Okay so there's this girl who I told that I liked her quite a bit. She said she liked me too, but she had broken up with her boyfriend of 1+ year at the beginning of summer prior to this semester and she needed time to get over that. I told her that I understood and would wait, but I wanted to know if there was any chance (I didn't wanna wait for nothing) and she said I certainly have a chance and she was really glad I told her how I felt. It's been about 3 weeks since she told me this. The other day I told her that if she ever needs someone to talk to (I noticed she was pretty sad looking lately) that I was there for her. She said that she appreciated the notion and that I didn't understand how much that means to her. She never told me what was wrong, only that it was a lingering problem and the next week she seemed to perk up and all seemed well again. (Sorry that was slightly off-topic; I just wanted to add some detail). Anyways, I realize that there's a good chance that she's not over him quite yet, but I want to know how the healing process is going. It's pretty selfish of me, but I really like her and this waiting has been rough on me (though it's probably nothing compared to getting over an ex). So I essentially my question is 2 part:

1. Should I try asking sometime soon to get a gauge on how the healing is going, but just expect a response like "well it's going, I'm doing better than before but need more time still" etc? Or should I wait another month or so?

2. How can I ask her about it without sounding selfish or like I'm pressuring her for a decision?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Don't ask her. Just ask her out.


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