How do I get him to care?

How do I get him to care? Without me nagging or begging him for attention? I do everything a good wife should, granted I'm not the happiest person 100% of the time anymore. But I do take care of him, look good for him and am always there for him. Almost all the time now I feel like I'm alone in this and he just doesn't care. He puts in no effort and really I'm tired of being the one that puts all the effort in while he sits back and waits for me to do it all.
1 y
To answer a few questions.
10+ years together with kids.
No he's not cheating, never has and I really don't think ever would.
Yes he has depression but he's always had it. I'm the only one it seems to effect as far as lack of caring so I doubt it's the depression.
How do I get him to care?
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