Watch what you say during an argument. An argument is one step away from a breakup!!!!!

my ex and I were together for about a year and a half. We have been broke up for 4 months now. He broke our relationship off but the events leading up to our break up had nothing to do with our relationship. He was upset about a business deal gone wrong with a family member and he felt I was defending the family member instead of him. Although I was trying my hardest to stay neutral. We got into a heated argument about some nonsense and even though I never have even thought about cheating on him, I TOLD HIM I DID! I know, that's bad right? I lashed out immaturely and to this day he believes that I really cheated. He will not even have a discussion with me. He does not acknowledge me when he sees me in public. He will not give me the opportunity to set the record straight. We were engaged earlier this year. We never got married because he got scared and called it off. But he didn't want our relationship end. He just said that he needed more time. So I stayed with him. It has been several months now and I am torn. I want my man back. I lost my best friend and my lover all in one. I have attempted to have conversations with him twice now but he is unreceptive. What do I do?


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  • No matter what you say, your pretty much done. Just because you didn't cheat does not mean you did not lie. They both are aloung issues of trust, and you completely shattered his trust in you.

    Trust is an unbelievably powerful gift. You threw it in the dirt in one action. Your absolutely right it's crazy how this can take years to completely develop and in one act vanish. If by some chance he gives you a chance to even talk to him, your going to find yourself owing him more than you might care to give up proving everything back. if he can even give you a chance, that's all on him

    My question is why would you even attempt to malisciously hurt someone like that your supposed to love? I'm not asking this in a judgmental way, lord knows I have made plenty of mistakes of this magnitude as well, as has practically everyone. You have to know how to love before you can love... Most people don't get that, I learned this the hard way as well. Perhaps he does give you a chance, after this do you really think your ready for it if he does?

    • There is definitely a lot to this story that I did not include. He DID cheat on me in the relationship. I found out. We argued. He made ammends. I forgave. Then he started accusing me of cheating on him all the time though like I said, I never even considered it. But at the time, I wanted to him him where it hurt.

    • so now your expecting the defense of two wrongs making a right? Him hurting you gave you the right to hurt him? Deflecting the problem does not solve it, only dealing with the problem solves it... The Japanese have a saying, fix the problem not the blame. When you accepted working on this problem you undertook the responsibilities along with it. Granted your better than me for attempting it, I never gave the person a chance after I was cheated on. I also knew my limits

    • I never said that I was right by saying what I said. I just want my man back. Plain and simple.

  • Wow..what a complicated situation. You need a game should back off from him for a couple of months. There seems to be some heavy trust issues..and now you lost your best friend! You can get a good game plan from this girl ==> link


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